File Photo: Coal miners at a coal in Balochistan's Harnai district

Trolley kills a miner injured another 2 in Dukki Balochistan

Hussain Zarkoon :

A trolley inside a coal mine killed a miner and injured another 2 in Dukki area of Balochistan province. Levies sources said a trolley hit a miner inside a mine killing him on the spot. However, the trolley carrying coal bags injured another 2 miners.

Levies said rope of the trolley suddenly broke down and it went out of control killing the miner. The miners retrieved the dead body of the victim on their own from mine. The victim identified as Mohibullah, a resident of Afghanistan. The injrued miners were also Afghan nationals. They were identified as Zakaria and Abdul Bari. The miners were extracting coal from inside the miner when the tragedy struck, Levies said.

The dead and injured miners were from Afghanistan

The miners rushed the injured colleagues to nearby hospital for medical treatment. However, the dead body of the Mohibullah sent to Afghanistan for burial.

In Dukki, such incidents in coal mines are almost order of the day. Hazardous working conditions inside coal mines have claimed thousands of precious human lives in Balochistan. The province has rich coal reservoirs. However, working conditions are not good for the miners. “Contractors and mine owners are earning at the cost of lives of poor miners”, Peer Muhammad Kakar, the central leader of Balochistan labour federation said.

Methane gas blasts have claimed thousands of precious human lives 

Methane gas blasts inside coal mines and other incidents have claimed precious human lives in Mach, Degari, Sorange, Harnai, Khost and Dukki area of Balochistan. The authorities appear to be least bothered about such incidents.

Mines inspectors hardly inspect coal mines in the morning prior to the entry of miners. Although, they are bound to do so as per mine act of 1923 in Balochistan.

Trolley kills a miner injured another 2 in Dukki Balochistan

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