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File Photo of CTSP shortlisted candidates for teachers jobs staging a sit-in at Balochistan Assembly Chowk

Appointment of 700 science teachers in final stage: CM Balochistan

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Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan on Sunday said the recruitment process of 700 senior science teachers (SSTs) was in the final stage. The CM took to Twitter and said all 700 SSTs are being recruited through the Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC).

Jam Kamal Khan stated that the process of recruitment of 1550 teaching and 1800 non-teaching staff was also in the pipeline. He said the government of Balochistan has upgraded 53 girls’ primary schools to middle level and similarly, 53 middle schools upgraded to high schools.

85 boys primary schools upgraded to middle level

He stated that 85 primary boys schools upgraded to middle level and 18 schools upgraded to high schools in the province. The Balochistan government has allocated huge amounts for the promotion of the education sector in the province.

The process of recruitment of teachers shortlisted by the testing service CTSP is also in the final stages. The process of recruitment of over 9,000 teaching staff in secondary education is also in the final phase. The government has also announced a stipend program for girls students across Balochistan. All girls students studying in government-run primary, middle and high schools would be paid stipend.

The education department has almost completed the recruitment of over 6,000 teaches in all 33 districts of Balochistan. With the appointment of 9,000 teaches, the education sector would improve.

Appointment of 700 science teachers in final stage: CM Balochistan

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