Out of school children in Balochistan
Students at a shelterless school in Balochistan's district Killa Abdullah Machka: photo Asmat Khan

40% of children out of schools in Balochistan

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QUETTA: In Balochistan, 40% of children are out of school. The number of out of school children in the province is 11,58, 291, statistics of Balochistan education department obtained by Quetta Voice reveals. The data confirms 60% of children’s’ enrollment in schools.

The province that covers half of the country in terms of area is lagging behind other provinces in key social indicators. Education is one of them. Although, the provincial government allocated substantial funds for the development of education during the financial year 2020-21. Nonetheless, government-run schools paint a bleak picture across the province.

The education department’s data reveals that 100,3,661students are currently studying in government-run primary, middle and high schools of Balochistan. “We are trying to address the issue of shortage of teachers”, Sher Khan Bazai, the Balochistan secretary of education said.

The department has recruited over 9,000 teachers shortlisted by a testing service CTSP to improve the quality of education and overcome the issue of the shortage of teachers in the province.

531, 371 students have been studying in private schools

The data further mentioned that 531, 371 students have been studying in private schools across the province. Similarly, the number of students studying in Madaris (religious schools) is 103,305.

“We have recruited teachers on the basis of merit” Sardar Yar Muhammad Rind, the Balochistan education minister said. He said the present government has decided to improve the quality of education and bring out of school children to schools across the province.

The education department has repeatedly revealed that the number of ghosts and non-functional schools across Balochistan is over 3,200. The number of schools across Balochistan is 14,979 as per the data of the department.

The Balochistan government has declared education as compulsory and free for the children. The government has also declared the implementation of Article  25-A of the constitution to ensure the provision of education to children of the province.

40% of children out of schools in Balochistan

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