Balochistan: 38 women killed during last 9 months
Activists of women rights including Watan Yar Khilji and others addressing a press conference: Photo Quetta Voice

Balochistan: 38 women killed during last 9 months

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In Balochistan, 38 women have been killed in the name of ‘honor’, domestic violence during the last 9 months. Aurat Foundation, a non-governmental organization (NGO), EVAW/G Alliance and other networks revealed this during a press conference on Tuesday evening.

” 69 acts of violence reported against women in Balochistan since January 1st this year”, Watan Yar Khilji, one of the women rights activists told reporters at a press conference. Yasmeen Mughal from Aurat Foundation, Fatima Khan, the member National Commission on the status of women in Balochistan, Naseema Salam from the Balochistan Rural Support Program (BRSP), and others were also present on the occasion.

‘Honor’ killings claimed 22 lives in BalochistanĀ 

Mr. Khilji however informed ‘honor’ killings have claimed 22 lives during the last nine months. Like in other parts of the country, 16-days activism against violence against women launched in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan.

Mr. Khilji stated that the number of exact cases is much higher than what is reported in terms of violence against women in the province. During the 16-day activism, awareness would be created among the people with regard to gender discrimination and violence against women. The 16-day activism includes 19 point agenda that covers all types of violence against women.

Activists demanded an end to violence against women

Yasmeen Mughal, of the AF, stated that a bill for the protection of women from violence and women empowerment would also be tabled in the Balochistan Assembly. She said laws would be framed to provide protection to women from domestic violence across the country and province.

“We want an end to violence against women”, Fatima Khan of the National Commission on the status of women said. She said members of civil society and political parties would be mobilized to eradicate the curse of honor killings and domestic violence in Balochistan.

Violence against women has increased as compared to the past during the year 2020 in Balochistan to an alarming level.

Balochistan: 38 women killed during last 9 months

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