Unsafe Gas Cylinders in Balochistan


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Unsafe Gas Cylinders in Balochistan

Editorial :

Gas cylinder blasts have claimed scores of precious human lives in Balochistan. A recent gas cylinder blast in Balochistan’s Kohlu injured 33 people including 31 children. Six children critically injured as a result of the blast have succumbed to injuries in the burn unit of Punjab’s Multan hospital. Seven minors are still battling for their lives at the burn ward.

Unsafe gas cylinders in Balochistan

All the victims had suffered burn wounds when the gas cylinder exploded with a big bang in the Bohri area of Kohlu district. Police said children had gathered around a potato chips seller when the cylinder went off during a wedding party. A similar gas cylinder blast claimed 6 precious human lives in Balochistan’s Pishin district.

Gas cylinder blasts order of the day in Balochistan 

Gas cylinder blasts have almost become the order of the day in Balochistan. There seems to be no mechanism to check the quality of gas cylinders. The sale of sub-standard Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) cylinders is on the rise in the market. LPG sellers are busy illegally filling the gas cylinders to mint money right under the nose of the authorities.

LPG decanting from one cylinder to another using an electric motor is prohibited by law but the practice is continuing due to the absence of strict monitoring by the authorities concerned. Since the residents face low gas pressure issues, using LPG as an alternate source is the only option for them. Not only domestic cylinders are being filled, but LPG is also being filled in vehicles through electric motors.

People smoking while decanting the LPG

It can be observed that shopkeepers decant LPG without taking any safety measures. People, customers, and even shopkeepers can be seen smoking while decanting the LPG. The government is yet to take notice of such incidents. The officials hard take notice. Regarding the Kohlu tragedy, the incident happened on November 8 and the police registered the FIR against the accused on November 14. This reflects the interest of the concerned quarters.

In rural Balochistan, such incidents are rampant. Although, very few incidents are being reported. The Balochistan government needs to take notice of such incidents and form a committee comprising experts to evolve a proper mechanism in this regard to avoid future human losses. Rulers need to be framed and the LPG sellers must be strictly monitored to ensure implementation of the said mechanism.

Unsafe Gas Cylinders in Balochistan

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