Osteoporosis affects every third woman in Balochistan
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Osteoporosis affects every third woman in Balochistan

Hafeezullah Storai Sherani 

Quetta: In Balochistan, osteoporosis affects every third woman as a result of poor diet, restricted body movement, and joint deformities. Dr. Laal Khan Kakar, the head of Pakistan Osteoporosis Society (POS) revealed this during a seminar regarding rampant cases of osteoporosis on Tuesday. POS organized the event at Shaheed Baz Muhammad Kakar Foundation (SBMKF) digital library.

Osteoporosis disease continues to spread in the female segment of society because of their restricted movement, deprivation from vitamin-D having no access to sunlight, Mr. Kakar. Especially, urban women have no access to sun-light, he mentioned.

Rural Balochistan paints a bleak picture 

Apart from this, the POS Chief stated that out of every five men one man was also the victim of bone disease. He termed the lack of awareness also as one of the underlying reasons behind the increasing patients of with osteoporosis in Balochistan. “Rural Balochistan paints a bleak picture when it comes to bone disease”, Mr. Kakar informed.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become fragile and porous. Clinically osteoporosis is
a condition in which the bone mineral density becomes equal to or greater than -2.5 standard

During the seminar, the health professionals urged upon the people to do daily exercise, maintain a balanced diet to avert bone diseases. Dr. Shams another health expert also spoke at length about the rampant cases of osteoporosis and shed light on precautionary measures. “We have to maintain a balanced diet and expose ourselves to sunlight in morning and evening”, Dr. Shams suggested.

The people living in developing countries of the globe are prone to osteoporosis because of a lack of a balanced diet, lack of awareness, and restricted movement of women. The health professionals suggested stressed the need to take care of the female segment of society to contain the disease.

Osteoporosis affects every third woman in Balochistan

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