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ZHOB: The wildlife department has recovered dozens of quails and illegal nets from hunters in Balochistan’s Zhob district. Like previous years, this year an uncountable number of Siberian quails have arrived in the area.

“We have recovered a larger number nets from hunters”, Assistant Conservator Forest, Muhammad Akram Kakar told the daily Quetta Voice on Thursday evening.

Wildlife Dept recovers Siberian quails illegal nets in Zhob

Although officials of the Wildlife Balochistan claimed to have taken measures to stop the illegal hunting, it is practically difficult. Every summer, quails and a number of migratory birds come from Siberia to Zhob and surrounding areas. However, local hunters continue to hunt them with impunity.

“We are not going to spare anyone”, Mr. Kakar said. He said the department also sought the support of local administration to recover the Siberian quails and nets from hunters.

Kapip Jungle, Seleza, Sakbakzai dam and other picnic points are famous for the illegal hunting of quails and other migratory birds in the area. The migratory birds pass through various areas and then go to other provinces of Pakistan.

Levies force has been placed on alert to stop illegal hunting in the district, Muhammad Arif Kakar, the Assistant Commissioner Kakar Khurasan told the daily Quetta Voice.

Quails are usually hunted with the help of big nets and recording of their own voice. There was a time when people would keep quails as pets and breed them round the year and then hang them in their cages at specific places where migratory birds could come.

The common quail is a small bird in the pheasant family — Phasianidae. Often the only indication of its presence is the distinctive “wet-my-lips” repetitive song of the male. The call is uttered mostly in the mornings, evenings and sometimes at night.Wildlife Dept recovers Siberian quails, illegal nets in Zhob

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