Coronavirus Vaccine be ready by late October: US CDC

The National Institute of Health say it is unlikely


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The US Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention has told the health of officials to prepare to distribute potential coronavirus vaccine as early as late October this year. It has also provided planning scenarios to states for distribution.

“This is like the Boy Scout motto, ‘Be Prepared,’” Collins said. “Even if it’s a very low likelihood if everything happened to come together really beautifully and we had an answer by then and we knew we had a vaccine that was safe and effective, wouldn’t you want people to be ready to figure out how to do the distribution? That’s all that CDC is saying.”

“Now keep in mind that the likelihood of that is pretty low,” Collins added. There are currently three vaccines in the US in phase 3 clinical trials. However, the National Institute of Health (NIH) says it is unlikely to get the vaccine ready by late October in the US.

Coronavirus Vaccine be ready by late October: US CDC

CNN reported last week that CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield asked states to speed through permits for medical and pharmaceutical supplies company McKesson to help distribute any eventual coronavirus vaccine. In a letter, Redfield asked them to waive any requirements that might get in the way of distributing vaccines by November 1 — before Election Day — and weeks, if not months, before most experts expect any vaccine to be fully tested.

The scenarios offer details about distribution for two Covid-19 vaccines when supplies “may be constrained.” The documents prioritize particular populations for the vaccines, including health care professionals, essential workers, long-term care facility residents and staff and national security populations.

States around the globe have been trying hard to invent the vaccine to treat the deadly virus. The virus has spread to all parts of the globe and affected almost all continents. Russia, UK and China are making hectic efforts to invent the vaccine.

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