Balochistan’s major tax payers term tax payment in Karachi as violation of constitution

This will also deprive province of revenue


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Staff Reporter:

Tax Bar Association (TBA) and the business community of Balochistan have termed the shifting of tax payment of 38 major taxpayers of the province to Karachi as a violation of the constitution and provincial autonomy. This deprives people of their fundamental rights and it violates article 10-A of the constitution, they lamented in a statement issued to the press on Monday evening. This is also in violation of the federal board of revenue (FBR) taxation principles.

The FBR in a notification directed 38 major taxpayers from Balochistan to submit their taxes in Karachi in the future. The notification has caused anger and a sense of deprivation among the members of TBA and the business community in Balochistan.

“If it is necessary to shift major taxpayers in large taxpayer units then it should be established here in Quetta”, the TBA demanded. Like in the past, mega taxpayers should be allowed to pay their taxes in the regional tax office in Quetta to lessen their problems.

They said the regional tax office was completely intact in Balochistan and the grade 21st officer was serving as chief commissioner therefore this decision should be reviewed. The business community members said Balochistan was already lagging behind other provinces in terms of revenue collection, the RTO should be empowered to collect tax here.

It would be very tiresome for the members of the business tax community including builders, still, mill owners and contractors to travel for 700 km to travel to Karachi for taxation purposes.



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