Well-known cardialogists speaking at seminar regarding increasing heart disease in Pakistan at Balochistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries: Photo Ashraf Khan

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In Pakistan, over 60,000 children are facing heart problems by birth. This was revealed by well-known cardiologists at a seminar organized by the Balochistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (BCCI) in Quetta.

Currently, the country’s health system can provide medical treatment to only 10,000 children out of 60,000 at the time of birth, the medical professionals who traveled from the US, Karachi and Peshawar to Quetta informed.

Dr. Sohail Khan, the Director of American heart and vascular institute, Dr. Bashir Hanif, medical and executive director Tiba heart institute Karachi and Dr. Azam Jan of Rehman Medical College Peshawar, Dr. Abid Ameen, Dr. Fazal ur Rehman Panezai, Quetta’s well-known cardiologists spoke at length about the increasing number of heart patients in the country. Patron-in-Chief of the BCCI, Ghulam Farooq Khilji and Badruddin Kakar welcomed the medical experts and thanked them for sharing their knowledge and information with members of traders and business community of Quetta.

“Cardia disease continues to increase in Pakistan”, Dr. Sohail Khan said. Pakistan was one of the developing countries where the major cause of deaths was heart problems. People and patients need to sensitize and made aware of the dangers of the looming threat of cardiac disease, he said.

The medical experts revealed that 20 out of 100 patients in Pakistan were being diagnosed with heart disease and masses need to be sensitized about the increasing cases of cardiac arrest. The medical experts informed that smoking, high blood pressure, sugar, unhygienic food, cholesterol levels were the underlying reasons behind increasing cases of cardia attacks in the country.



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