Strong earthquake jolts Islamabad Lahore and CAs
People came out of their homes after earthquake tremors in Chaman: Photo Sardar Khondai

From Sardar Muhammad Khondai:

Earthquake tremors were felt in Chaman, Pakistan’s bordering city with Afghanistan on Monday afternoon. People came out of their homes in a heartbeat towards open spaces. However, no human loss was reported as a result of mild-earthquake tremors in the bordering city. The tremors were also felt in adjoining areas.

There were unconfirmed about cracks appearing in mud-walls in the outskirts of the city.

The intensity of the earthquake on the reactor scale could not be immediately confirmed. Chaman is considered to be one of the sensitive areas in terms of earthquakes.

Chaman Fault Line:

The bordering city is prone to earthquakes since it was razed to the ground in the past and Chaman fault is posing a  permanent threat to the entire belt, Dr. Din Muhammad Kakar, a well-known geologist told the daily Quetta Voice.  “Chiltan and Chaman faults posing a permanent threat to Quetta and entire northern Balochistan”, Mr. Kakar informed.





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