House turned into a Museum in Quetta

Gul Kakar has been collecting antiques for last 15 years


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“Collection of antiques gives me an inner-satisfaction”, Gul Kakar, who turned his house into a small museum says. Mr. Kakar has been collecting antiques for the last 15 years in Quetta, the capital of Balochistan province.

The antiques displayed at his residence include his grandfather’s clocks made in 1935 and 1940s. The ancient antiques displayed at his house attract visitors in general and antique lovers in special. “This really gives me energy”, Mr. Kakar who has been serving as a Risaldar in Balochistan Levies Force told the daily Quetta Voice in an exclusive interview. Apart from his home, Mr. Kakar has also put some antiques at his office in Quetta.

The house is awash with antiques including table clocks 1920s 1950s, wall clocks 1890, 1950, antique table clocks 1920, 1960, antique pocket watches 1870, 1960. Apart from the family members, Kakar’s friends also visit antiques.

The work of Kakar came into the limelight when images of his collection of antiques went viral on social media. People commended his contribution and work for preserving history in the shape of ancient things.

“I alone collected these all antiques”, Mr. Kakar who agreed with daily Quetta Voice for a brief interview said. Be careful, don’t put a foot on antiques, the visitors of the house turned museum are told.

Antique Gramophones of the 1930s, antique record players, antique Radios of 1940s 1950s, antique Telescopes of 1880, 1901, 1915,1920, antique oil Lamps 1920, 1940s can also be seen inside the room of the house.

The Balochistan government has also decided to preserve antiques and the chief minister Jam Kamal Khan in a meeting recently held had directed the archive department to make sure preserving the antiques.

Balochistan houses one of the worlds’ ancient museums. The museum gallery established at Geological Survey of Pakistan is also home to remains of Baluchitherium, the world’s largest land mammal to live 25 million years ago. The Vertebrate Paleontology gallery displays the first ever Dinosaur fossils discovered by the Geological Survey of Pakistan from Balochistan. With this latest exhibit in our museum. Pakistan stands among very few countries of the world that have witnessed the global events of Dinosaur extinction by the impact of a meteorite on planet earth and GSP museums, the only museum in Pakistan having the largest collection of fossils of these giant reptiles and meteorites.

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