Coronavirus: 28 new cases confirmed as tally rises to 11,185 in Balochistan

Balochistan has so far confirmed 126 deaths caused by the deadly virus


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Staff Reporter:

The Corona Cell on Sunday confirmed 28 new cases of the novel coronavirus as the tally reached 11,185 in the province. The virus has so far caused 126 deaths in Balochistan so far. Though, independent sources put the number much higher then what is being reported by the health department in the province.

However, the number of cases appears to be on a constant decline for last more than a week.

According to the daily situation report released by the Corona Cell Balochistan, a total of 7,598 patients have recovered from the virus in the province. Most of the patients have recovered from the deadly virus at their homes in isolation.

Balochistan has seen a sharp decline in the number of cases during the last more than a week. The province has been confirming let’s than 50 cases for a per day as compared to more than 300 to 400 as compared to almost a month ago.

The Balochistan health department has so far conducted over 53,000 tests of the novel coronavirus. Most of the tests have been conducted in Quetta, the provincial capital. The virus has spread to all 33 districts of Balochistan that covers half of the country in terms of area.

Most of the deaths have been reported from Quetta, Killa Abdullah, Pishin, Mastung, Jaffarabad, Chaghi and other districts of Balochistan.


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