“No Doubt”, India was behind Karachi PSX attack: Prime Minister

Through this attack, India wanted to spread uncertainty


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Prime Minister, Imran Khan on Tuesday stated we have “no doubt” India was behind Karachi Stock Exchange attack. The Premier was speaking at the national assembly. The Prime Minister however praised police, security forces for their prompt response to neutralize the terrorists.

All four terrorists equipped with automatic guns and grenades were killed by police and security forces when they tried to storm inside the PSX on Monday morning in Karachi, the country’s financial hub.

“What happened in Mumbai, they wanted to do the same [in Karachi]; they wanted to spread uncertainty. We have no doubt this was done by India,” the premier said.

He praised a police sub-inspector and three security guards who lost their lives while thwarting the attack as the “heroes of Pakistan”.

“They gave sacrifices and thwarted a major incident, which was planned by India to destabilize us,” he said, adding that the attackers had a lot of ammunition and they wanted to take hostages. “My cabinet and its ministers know that all our agencies were on high alert. Our agencies preempted at least four major attempts of terrorism and two of them were around Islamabad.

The Premier also praised the parliament for its approval of the budget for the financial year 2020-21.


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