Record hike, Petrol per litre at Rs. 100.10 notified by government

Masses strongly react to sudden increase in the prices of petroleum products


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The federal government in a surprise and sudden move increased the prices of petroleum products. As per the notification issued by the petroleum ministry, per litre petrol has been increased by Rs. 25.58, high-speed diesel, Rs. 21.31 in the country.

Masses have strongly reacted to the government’s decision and termed it an IMF  agenda to make poor of the country poorest by such decisions. Since the establishment of Pakistan, this is record hike, Muhammad Aslam, a rickshaw driver waiting outside a petrol pump told the daily Quetta Voice. Aslam stated that prime minister, Imran Khan had made several promises of giving relief to poor segment of society prior to his government. However, the premier has not translated his words into action, he lamented.

The step took many by surprise because it was out of schedule and was not prompted by any summary moved by the oil sector regulator, which is the normal procedure.

Most observers agreed that the step has been taken to address ongoing supply chain disruptions that have led to serious shortages in many parts of the country, in large part due to a pricing dispute between the government and the industry.

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