COVID19: Mortality rate in Balochistan is 2 Percent: Liaquat Shahwani

Balochistan has so far confirmed 108 deaths caused by coronavirus


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Staff Reporter:

Spokesman government of Balochistan, Liaquat Shahwani on Thursday said mortality rate was recorded 2 percent in deaths caused by the novel coronavirus in the province. Mr. Shahwani was addressing a press conference in Quetta.

Balochistan has confirmed 9,817 cases of the deadly virus. However, the virus has caused 108 deaths in the province. Countrywide, 3,903 deaths have been confirmed. As per recent statistics, Quetta has witnessed a decrease in the number of cases of the coronavirus, Mr. Shahwani said. Cases increased in the first week of June, but, they are on decline currently, he added.

The spread of coronavirus cases in Quetta is currently 68 percent as compared to more than 70 percent earlier. Mr. Shahwani informed that up til now, Balochistan has conducted over 45,000 tests of the novel coronavirus.

The government has increased the testing capacity and now it has the ability to conduct 15,000 tests per day, the Spokesman government of Balochistan stated. He said only 2 percent of patients with serious symptoms were battling the virus in hospitals as 98 percent of patients were battling the COVID19 at their homes.

Regarding the opening of the educational institutions, Mr. Shahwani informed that standard operating procedures were being set by the government with regard to the opening of the educational institutions.


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