Cold-blooded murders of women in Balochistan


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Recent cold-blooded murders of women in Balochistan’s Killa Abdullah and Killa Saifullah districts have pained every sane person of the society. The incidents came into the limelight after people expressed their concerned voice-over social media. Although, many cases of violence against women go unnoticed and unreported in various parts of Balochistan because of tribal and social taboos.

Killers in both incidents are still at large as we write these words. In both cases, as per an initial investigation by levies and police forces, husbands were the main accused in murders. Despite protest demonstrations by political parties, civil society, and members of the legal fraternity, the levies force and police are yet to apprehend the culprits nominated in FIRs.

Joint raids were being conducted by Pishin and Killa Abdullah’s administration to apprehend the culprit involved in the cold-blooded murder of a woman in Dobandi area. Levies detained the father of the accused and shifted him to Chaman for interrogation. The hapless woman was the mother of three daughters and married to the accused five years back.

In Balochistan, the incidents of violence against women have been increased this year as compared to last year.

Honor killings and domestic violence have claimed 23 lives of women across Balochistan since January 1st this year. So far, 44 acts of violence have been committed against women during the current year, Allauddin Khan Khilji, the director Aurat Foundation revealed while talking to the daily Quetta Voice.

Five men were also murdered in the name of honor killing during last more than five months. In most cases, the accused have not been arrested by police and levies. Most of the cases of honor killings took place in Balochistan’s Naseerabad and Jaffarabad districts.

The Aurat foundation data obtained by this daily shows that 6 women were subjected to rape/ gang rape, 2 were kidnapped. “Domestic violence has increased this year”, Mr. Khilji stated.

Violence against women in this male-dominated society is nothing new. However, technology and education have helped the victims’ heirs to highlight such brutal acts of violence.

The Balochistan government needs to take notice of these cold-blooded murders since mere statements cannot heal the wounds of victims rather practical action should be taken to bring the culprits to book. Law exists and FIRs already lodged and the killers identified, now it is the core responsibility of the Levies and Police to bring the killers to book.


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