Protesters demand arrest of accused involved in murders of women in Killa Abdullah, Muslim Bagh

Protesters gathered outside Quetta Press Club, demanded arrest of culprits


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Staff Reporter:

A joint protest demonstration on the part of various political parties and members of legal fraternity was held outside the Quetta Press Club against recent killings of women in Balochistan’s Killa Abdullah and Killa Saifullah districts.

The protesters had carried placards and banners inscribed with slogans, “stop killing innocent women”, “no to violence against women”, “arrest culprits involved in murders of women”, etc during the protest demonstration.

Two women were brutally murdered in Killa Abdullah’s Dobandi tehsil and Killa Saifullah’s Muslim Bagh tehsil recently. The murders have prompted political parties, members of civil society, and legal fraternity to hold protest demonstrations for the arrests of the accused involved in murders.

“Administration must arrest the culprits involved in both incidents of murders”, Nasrullah Zarai, the member provincial assembly from Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PKMAP) demanded.

The protesters chanted full-throated slogans against the law enforcers for what they call their failure to apprehend the accused involved in murders.

“We will continue our protest till the arrest of killers”, Azeem Kakar, a political and social leader told the protesters.

The district administration Killa Abdullah has detained the father of the accused involved in the murder of his own wife few days back. “Very soon, we will arrest the killer”, Zakaullah Durrani, the Assistant Commissioner Chaman told journalists the other day.

“No room for violence against”, Khudai Dost Kakar of Pakistan Workers Party (PWP) said during the protest demonstration.

This year, Balochistan has witnessed sharp rise in acts of violence against women. So far, 23 women have been killed in Balochistan in the name of honor and domestic violence since January this year. In most cases, the killers are still at large. However, most of the cases in rural Balochistan have gone unnoticed due to tribal taboos and poor prosecution.

Another woman tortured to death in Balochistan’s Deobandi, Killa Abdullah


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