Senator Hashmi calls for a durable solution to the Afghan issue prior to complete US withdrawal
File photo of Senator Saeed Ahmed Hashmi


Founder of the ruling Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) and Senior parliamentarian, Saeed Ahmed Hashmi has urged upon all political parties, civil society, and intelligentsia to put their heads together to develop national consensus against any Indian misadventure and tackling the coronavirus in the country. They have to develop a consensus to tackle multiple issues faced by the country. “After recent embarrassment in Ladakh, India may opt for misadventure against Pakistan”, Mr. Hashmi warned in a statement released to the press on Monday. He said, first of all, political forces, civil society, and intelligentsia need to develop consensus then the military alone can defend the frontiers of the motherland. Regarding the pandemic, he lamented that a comprehensive strategy was missing in tackling and containing the virus in the country. The senior parliamentarian urged upon government and opposition parties to bury the hatchet and make all-out efforts to contain the deadly virus that continues to spread fast in the country. “Unity and consensus offer solution in these testing times”, he said. Commenting on locusts invasions in various parts of the country, the senior parliamentarian stated that locusts attacks pose a serious threat to the agriculture and livestock sectors in the country. The locusts’ invasions have already inflicted huge financial losses to growers and farmers and the government must put all departments on high alert to clear standing crops from locusts. He warned that locusts invasions from Iran and Muscat would further deteriorate the situation in Balochistan and other parts of the country. “The majority of our population depends on agriculture and livestock, therefore, locusts invasions should be contained”, he said. In the long run, the locusts’ invasions would create a food security issue in the country.

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