Balochistan Govt allows inter-provincial, district public transport to operate

Wearing masks compulsory for passengers, drivers


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Staff Reporter

The Balochistan government on Sunday conditionally allowed inter-provincial and district transport to operate in the province. Wearing of masks for passengers and drivers compulsory and disinfection spray also mandatory in buses, home and tribal affairs department Balochistan said in a notification.

The Balochistan government had imposed ban on all types of inter-provincial and district transport in the province in the aftermath of the outbreak of novel coronavirus earlier. If any bus owner violated the rules, the transport would be again stopped, the notification mentioned.

Hand sanitizer facility must be provided to all passengers and the record of each passenger should be maintained, it said. No passenger would be allowed to sit and stand in the middle of the bus, and no person with temperature should be allowed to board on a bus. At least one-meter distance should be ensured inside the bus to contain the novel coronavirus and frequent washing of hands by all staff members of the passenger bus should be ensured, the notification said.

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