Tribesmen urged upon government to open Pak-Afghan Chaman border

Closure of border has left thousands jobless: Haji Khudai Mir


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Syed Sardar Muhammad Khondai

CHAMAN: Tribesmen, traders, and businessmen on Saturday demanded of the federal government to open Pak-Afghan border Chaman in view of difficulties of masses. Addressing a press conference, tribal elder Haji Khudai Mir Aka Malizai and other elders said that continued closure of the border has left thousands of people jobless in the Chaman and surrounding areas.

The tribesmen said that the government should realize the difficulties of the masses and especially traders owing to the closure of the border. Every day, thousands of people come to the border and go back without any trade, they lamented.

The tribal elders stated that people of Chaman and surrounding areas have extended their full support to law enforcement agencies and health department Balochistan to contain the coronavirus at the border. They assured that traders would fully cooperate and adopt social distancing at the border and will not create any problem.

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