“Do not raise sensitive issues for political gains”: Shibli Faraz advises opposition


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Federal Information Minister,  Shibli Faraz has advised the opposition not to raise “sensitive issues for political expediency”.

He was responding to PML-N Senator Mushahidullah Khan who earlier questioned the timing of the controversy around the National Commission on Minorities and said that the government “couldn’t spare the issue during the pandemic”.

Faraz advised the opposition not to talk about “issues that hurt the sentiments of the nation”, adding that the country needs national unity through this difficult time.

Does the opposition have any strategy:

PTI Senator and Information Minister Shibli Faraz has asked the opposition to inform the government about their parallel strategy for dealing with the pandemic.

Responding to criticism from the opposition during the Senate session, Shibli raised a number of questions: “Does the opposition have a plan of its own? Do they want a curfew? When the opposition called the session why did they not participate?”

He called on the opposition parties to answer these questions instead of claiming they were being “politically victimised”.

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