Two youngsters walk on Quetta's Adalat Road. One wearing mask another without mask: Photo Ashraf Khan

Health Desk:

In Balochistan, most of the novel coronavirus patients are young aging from 20 to 29 years. 741 patients of the Covid-19 are aging from 20 to 49 years, this was revealed in the health department’s documents obtained by the daily Quetta Voice.

Number of cases in Balochistan has neared 1500 on Tuesday. As per the statistics mentioned in the documents, the number of children till age 9 years is recorded 54, 10-19 years, 95, 20-49 years, 741. 

The documents revealed that the number of patients aging 50-59 is reported 118, age 60-69, 62, age 70-79, 20, age 80-89, 1, age 90-99 is reported, 2 patients. 

Most of the patients in Balochistan comprise of young age, the documents obtained by daily Quetta Voice show. Chief Minister Balochistan, Jam Kamal Khan has also repeatedly made an appeal to the youngsters to stay at home and adopt social distancing to avoid the virus.

Despite the lockdown and social distancing appeals by the concerned quarters, roads, streets are jam-packed with youngsters in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan. “Avoid crowds and stay at home”, the Chief Minister said in a video message the other day.

The pandemic continues to spread in Quetta and other parts of Balochistan fast. “These locally transmitted cases are our main concern”, Liaquat Shahwani, the Spokesman government of Balochistan said.






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