Information Minister lauds role of journalists

Promises good news before Eid


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The Federal Information Minister, Shibli Faraz has lauded the role of journalists in the aftermath of outbreak of Covid-19 in the country. “Journalists would be given good news before Eid”, the federal information minister made these remarks on the eve of International Freedom of Press Day in the federal capital, Islamabad.

You [journalists] stood with Imran Khan’s struggle. How can we [the government] talk against you? How can we take any action that might harm your interests?” Faraz questioned.

The minister paid tribute to the “exemplary” role journalists have played during the coronavirus pandemic and said that the entire nation is grateful and appreciative of the work journalists are putting in.

Discussing his personal background, Faraz said that he is currently in a situation that requires him to strike a balance between addressing the demands of journalists and presenting the point of view of the federal government.

“Most of you know that I belong to a family of journalists and authors. Look at my background. Can I ever go against your [journalists’] interests?” Faraz asked, adding that from the government’s point of view, journalists are playing a critical role in the “social culture” of the country.

The information minister assured the journalists of his utmost cooperation going forward and said that “his purpose for coming here today” is to understand the problems of journalists so that he could try to relate to them.

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