Outgoing Chairman Balochistan Public Service Commission, Kailash Nath Kohli posing for a photo with members, staff : Photo taken from FB of BPSC

BPSC establishes credibility as K.N Kohli completes his term as Chairman

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Mehta Kailash Nath Kohli, the Chairman Balochistan Public Service Commission (BPSC) completed his term and announced retirement the other day. Mr. Kohli served BPSC as Chairman for five years. Past nationalist parties-led government-appointed Mr. Kohli as a chairman for three years. However, his tenure extended for another two years by the previous government.

BPSC establishes credibility as K.N Kohli completes his term as Chairman

Indeed, the outgoing chairman of BPSC established the credibility of the prestigious institution and restored the confidence of young candidates battling for key positions in provincial departments. The BPSC’s credibility was severely affected when the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) conducted raids and arrested the former chairman Ashraf Magsi on charges of irregularities and violation of merit in recommendations of candidates for appointments in government departments.

The arrest of BPSC Chairman

The arrest of former BPSC Chairman, Ashraf Magsi followed by merit scandals damaged the credibility of the organization. However, Mr. Kohli during the last five years tried his level best to restore the confidence of candidates in all recruitments. During his tenure, competitive examinations were held for assistant commissioners, section officers, doctors, professors, lecturers, teachers, and all government departments. The banner of merit was upheld in all recommendations by the BPSC members led by the outgoing chairman.

Three Members

Currently, there are three members of the commission. Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal led government has the mandate to appoint the new chairman and five members in the near future. This appointment appears to be crucial for Jam Kamal led government, when it comes to good governance, transparency and merit since the commission under the new chairman will be recommending appointments of thousands of candidates from law enforcement agencies to administrative departments in the province.

BPSC establishes credibility as K.N Kohli completes his term as Chairman

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