Coronavirus: Cases rise to 1,352,287 worldwide

Over 75,299 people have been killed by the virus so far


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Monitoring Desk:

Over 1,352,287 people have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus globally on Tuesday. With every passing hour, the number of patients being increased globally. According to statistics shared by Johns Hopkins University, the world in general and the US and Europe have seen a sharp rise in cases of novel coronavirus cases. The virus has caused more than 10,000 deaths across the globe so far.

Worldwide, over 2,87000 people have recovered from the deadly virus so far.

President Donald Trump: 

The US President in a daily press conference at White House has warned of more cases in his country. “We can see more cases in the days to come”, Donald Trump responded to newsmen during the press conference.

He however said, ” handshaking was nearing”.

The UK bracing for the worst to come: 

The UK is likely around seven to 10 days from seeing its coronavirus outbreak start to flatten, a leading epidemiologist has predicted.

Neil Ferguson, whose model influenced the UK government’s coronavirus response, told the BBC on Sunday: “We think this epidemic in the UK will plateau in the next week to 10 days.”

He said the manner the curve of cases takes is vital, adding it is not clear whether the UK will “see a long flat peak, or, as we hope, see a much faster decline.”

“We have some signs that it is slowing the epidemic at the moment,” Ferguson added, noting the UK has seen its first day where new hospital admittances declined over the previous day.

The UK has seen more than 4,000 deaths from Covid-19 and is roughly following the trajectory of countries including Spain and Italy, which have each suffered more than 10,000 fatalities.

Germany too hit hard by COVID-19: 

Germany’s coronavirus death toll has risen to 1,342, the country’s disease and control agency, the Robert Koch Institute, said Sunday.

That figure is an increase of 184 deaths on Saturday.

The total number of confirmed cases has risen by nearly 7‪% from Saturday to Sunday. Germany now has 91,714 coronavirus cases, an increase of 5,936 in 24 hours.

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