Coronavirus: over 34,000 dead globally

Over 7,23,000 people infected by the deadly virus


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Monitoring Desk:

The novel coronavirus has claimed over 34,000 people worldwide with increasing cases from various parts of the globe on Sunday morning. Over 7,23,000 people have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus so far across the globe. This data was released and share by


The virus has claimed over 2400 lives in America with cases from all over the country. However, New York is reported from the worst hit by the novel coronavirus in recently. US has confirmed 139,400 cases in all its states.


With 92,472 confirmed cases, Italy appears to have the highest death rate on the planet. Compare it to China, the epicenter of the pandemic, which has a roughly similar number of confirmed cases at 81,997, but under a third as many deaths, at 3,299, according to Johns Hopkins University and Medicine.


There were 45 new novel coronavirus cases reported in China today, bringing the national total to 81,439, according to the National Health Commission.

Out of the new cases, 44 were imported by people who had recently traveled abroad, with only one caused by local transmission.

In addition, China reported five more deaths from the coronavirus, bringing the country’s death toll to 3,300. Of the 81,439 cases in the country, a total of 75,448 patients recovered and were discharged from hospital. China was the first epicenter of the outbreak but the United States and Italy both now have more total cases.

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