Coronavirus: cases pass 6,45,0000 worldwide

The virus has caused over 30,000 deaths globally


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Monitoring Desk:

Over 6,45,000 people have been tested positive for the novel coronavirus across the globe. According to, the number of patients being increased globally. The virus has so far killed more than 30,000 worldwide. The world is trying to contain the virus, which continues to penetrate worldwide. The virus appears to be elusive while taking human lives globally.

The number of coronavirus cases in Italy has reached 86,498, as per data by researchers at Johns Hopkins University. That puts the European country ahead of China where 81,946 infections have been confirmed.

Both are short of the over 104,000 cases reported in the United States. However not all countries report or measure cases in the same manner, so the true figures could be higher in Italy and China.

More than 9,000 people have died from the coronavirus in Italy, followed by Spain at 5,138 deaths, and China at 3,295. In the US, there have been about 1,700 deaths so far, according to the Johns Hopkins tally.

Italy had 969 deaths on Friday — the biggest single-day jump since the crisis began.

The country’s health system has been pushed to the brink by the outbreak, especially in the north, which has seen the highest concentration of cases.

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