CoronaVirus: 4,23,000 people tested positive worldwide

The world is trying to contain Coronavirus


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Monitoring Desk:

Worldwide, the novel coronavirus has infected 4,23,000 people on Wednesday. Most of the cases have been reported from mainland China. However, Italy with 70000 cases stands second is facing the brunt of the virus. The virus has caused 18,926 deaths and globally 109,179 people have recovered so far.

From Wuhan to Italy:

Ground zero of the novel coronavirus pandemic is in Wuhan, China but its epicenter — where the majority of new cases are popping up — is a moving target, shifting globally as the virus spreads.

Europe is the current epicenter, and Italy in particular — the country is nearing 70,000 cases and 7,000 fatalities, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

But Italy’s rate of new infections and fatalities could slow as the calendar ticks closer to two weeks since the country went on lockdown. Experts say that since Covid-19 is believed to have an incubation period ranging from one to 14 days, it takes those full two weeks to see the benefits of any measures advising or ordering people to stay at home.

Italy went on total lockdown on March 13 — meaning Friday will be two weeks since the measure came into force. US states began enacting their own drastic travel restrictions in recent days, but nothing has been federally mandated.

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